Public Lands Initiatives

Gunnison Public Lands Initiative

The Gunnison Public Lands Initiative is a proposal that needs your input as to how public lands are used.  We will be posting more information about this in the near future.  For more information, see

The Rio Grande National Forest Plan Revision

From The Colorado Snowmobile Association,
This site below provides a way to learn about and participate in the process

The RGNF is beginning to gel plans for the scoping documents for the Forest Plan Revision process they are entering into.  It is imperative that users, residents and visitors to this forest as well as advocates for multiple use forests get their comments recorded in the very beginning.  The new Forest Planning Rule that will be governing this process mandates public process from beginning to end.  In the beginning it is important to guide the forest to “what needs to be revised”.  This is where and why your engagement right now is so important.  To make sure you are heard, visit and post your comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.